Category: Motion Graphics

  • Cucuma Dance Sensation

    Cucuma Dance Sensation

    Shadow Dance Performance Project, Cucuma Festival, August 2011, 8’38 min. This awesome performance is one of the first art works misusing Kinect v01 for interactive dance. Another shadow dance performance created for the Cucuma Open Air. The story is about a marionette becoming a human and searching for the sense of life. On her journey…

  • Liszten


    Music Visualization for FullDome Projections FullDome Festival, May 2011, 2‘31 min. Liszten shows abstract graphics animated with respect to the music that combines an original piece by Franz Liszt with contemporary electronic sounds. This clip has been created for the 5th FullDome Festival under the motto VisuaLiszt. That’s why the sound is based on a piano…

  • Luca


    Comic Collage for FullDome Projections FullDome Festival, April 2009, 3’00 min. Lucca is an homage to the innovative Bauhaus artists and the fabulous dancer Gret Palucca: the room is not limiting the dance – the dance defines the room. In 1926, Wassily Kandinsky published the dance curves of Gret Palucca. These are stick figure-like black and…