Music Visualization for FullDome Projections FullDome Festival, May 2011, 2‘31 min.

Liszten shows abstract graphics animated with respect to the music that combines an original piece by Franz Liszt with contemporary electronic sounds.

This clip has been created for the 5th FullDome Festival under the motto VisuaLiszt. That’s why the sound is based on a piano piece by Franz Liszt. The visuals are made with respect to the music, to keep the rhythm, and to follow its tempo. Initially, I hoped that we could make a live VJ show in the planetarium for demonstrating in realtime how the motion graphics behave according to the sound but, unfortunately, this was technically not possible at that time in Jena’s fulldome. 

While the music was already prepared in the beginning of 2011, I still had no satisfying idea what I wanted to express visually. I thought about synesthesia and creating color-based feelings or moods according to the sound because Liszt is said to have been a synesthete. My inspiration finally was a beautiful winter sunset that I observed one day on the top of Jena’s mountains – this gave me in particular the color scheme. Liszten has been produced in FullDome format for dome projections (that’s why you can’t get the full immersion while watching it on a usual screen) at a resolution of 4000*4000 pixels and 30 frames per second. 

Premiere _ FullDome Festival Jena, May 13th, 2011. 

Recomposed sound design _ Patrick Beyer and Jakob Mann 

Orginal piano piece _ ‘Abschied’ by Franz Liszt (unknown interpreter)