Comic Collage for FullDome Projections FullDome Festival, April 2009, 3’00 min.

Lucca is an homage to the innovative Bauhaus artists and the fabulous dancer Gret Palucca: the room is not limiting the dance – the dance defines the room.

In 1926, Wassily Kandinsky published the dance curves of Gret Palucca. These are stick figure-like black and white drawings, and they are to be understood as analytical drawings of the dancer’s style that was very close to the idea of the Bauhaus artists. This, and my passion for combining dance with video projections, inspired me to let Lucca dance inside a huge dome. 

I asked a performer friend to improvise based on Gret Palucca’s position in the four Kandinsky graphics. I video-recorded that and animated Lucca frame by frame later on. The virtual dance is combined with motion graphics based on Wassily Kandinsky’s black and white compositions. Lucca has been produced in FullDome format for dome projections (that’s why you can’t get the full immersion while watching it on a usual screen) at a resolution of 3000*3000 pixels and 30 frames per second. 

Premiere _ FullDome Festival Jena, April 25th, 2009. 

Music _ Jakob Mann 

Performer _ Claudia Kühn 

Award _ ‘Bauhaus in den Sternen’, April 25th, 2009