Category: Interactive Performance

  • Dusk


    Exploring Interactive Theatre, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, HCI Group, winter term 2014/15. Dusk is a short contemporary theatre performance based on a short story by Saki. It includs interactive technologies in props, stage, and costume design. In winter term 2014/15, I initiated a student project together with my colleague Patrick Tobias Fischer that explored interactive technologies for…

  • Captain Nemo, the Diver, and an Octopus

    Captain Nemo, the Diver, and an Octopus

    A Kinect tracking application for Media Artists and Designers. Master Thesis, M.F.A., Media Art and Design, July 2012. Theatre is one of the oldest entertainment formats of humankind and costumes are the basis for the characters played. We integrate contemprary technologies into theatre costumes for making a performance more innovative. In summer term 2014, I…

  • Cucuma Dance Sensation

    Cucuma Dance Sensation

    Shadow Dance Performance Project, Cucuma Festival, August 2011, 8’38 min. This awesome performance is one of the first art works misusing Kinect v01 for interactive dance. Another shadow dance performance created for the Cucuma Open Air. The story is about a marionette becoming a human and searching for the sense of life. On her journey…