Multi-Touch Table

MultiTouchTable, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Interface Design, summer term 2010.

Multi-touch applications enable users to interact with more than one finger on a surface. Beyond that, the reacTIVison framework allows for mixing it with tangible objects that have fiducial codes attached.

MultiTouchTable is my own prototype of a multi-touch table. The goal was to make it easily transportable what I achieved due to a modular design approach. I was faced with several challenges, regarding the physical construction of the table, the materials used, and the technologies that run the system. Get it to run was not that easy for a designer… Thanks to the Community Core Vision (abbreviated CCV) and the open source community, I was finally able to build a working prototype. I have done the first tests within a cardboard box, and for budget reasons, I used a simple web cam with low resolution and put an exposed negative film in front of the lens for seeing only infrared reflections via the CCV v1.3 tracking software. 

Project context_ Project module ‘Interface Design IV’, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, summer term 2010 

Supervision _ Jens Geelhaar